Stoffliche und energetische Nutzung von Biomasse

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Nov 21, 2019: RESFuels in transport sector decarbonisation, Brussels

The fourth ADVANCEFUEL Stakeholder Workshop will present the latest results about how to overcome the barriers to the rollout of liquid, renewable and advanced fuels (RESfuels). These fuels are crucial to decarbonise transport in the coming decade. However, there are still several barriers to their commercial development and deployment.

The workshop will present the latest results of the ADVANCEFUEL project about how to overcome the barriers to the RESFuels market roll-out.

More specifically, the workshop will present strategies and promising scenarios for the further development of RESfuels, which are based on a comprehensive modelling approach taking into account feedstock costs and potential, logistics, technology performance, market demand and sustainability safeguarding.

ATB scientist Katharina Sailer is presenting a "Roadmap to a sustainable market supply of feedstock for RESfuels up to 2030 and beyond".

Furthermore, first dedicated policy recommendations will be discussed with the participants in an interactive approach.

The event is designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas among the participating experts by combining presentations and structured discussions with the audience.

The workshop is organised back to back with the Stakeholder Plenary Meeting of the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Bioenergy (ETIP Bioenergy), which already starts on 20 November. It can also be attended free of charge after registration.

Registration to the ADVANCEFUEL workshop is free of charge, but is mandatory.
Please submit your registration until 18 November only if you can definitely attend as places are limited by the capacity of the venue.

Have a look at the ADVANCEFUEL workshop’s agenda here.

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