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March 9, 2021: How to develop a supportive business environment

In a 30-minute session, ATB-scientists Philipp Grundmann and Muluken Adamsegged will introduce innovative ideas for rural business - developed in the EU-funded project RUBIZMO. Participate for free to learn more about innovative collaborations in rural areas!

Time: March 9, 2021, 11 a.m. CET

RUBIZMO is a new European initiative working to discover the vital ingredients for developing entrepreneurship and successful business models in high potential sectors such as food and agriculture, new bio-based value chains and ecosystem services.

The webinar is part of a café talk series where international experts from CluBE, ATB and the Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de España will introduce innovative ideas for your rural business.

The first session held on 2nd of March examined several cases and provided an overview of how clusters can have wider economic, social and environmental benefits for their local areas.

The second part on March 9, 2021 will present the main criteria and indicators to assess business environment. It aims to assess the requirement of businesses and the conditions of the business environment to investigate the misalignment between them.

The third session contextualizes agri-food cooperativism in relation to the impact it has at European level and will provide some keys about the cooperative formula and its role in promoting entrepreneurship and business models.

Finally at the end of the cycle another great VIRTUAL VISIT will introduce you to the biorefinery Pomacle-Bazancourt – an agro-industrial research hub in the Grand-Est of France. Here each year one Million tons of wheat and 2,5 Million tons of sugar beet are processed on site to serve a circular bioeconomy. 

Each of these quick and easy to access sessions will be composed of a 15 minute presentation and 15 minutes of open discussion.

Everyone can access the sessions and get inspired.

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Find more information on the RUBIZMO webpage https://rubizmo.eu/ and via the project's Twitter and LinkedIn social media channels.

ATB contributes to the RUBIZMO project with its expertise to identify favourable conditions for the successful deployment of innovative business models in rural areas.

RUBIZMO has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and Innovation programme under grant agreement N773621.