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Oct 1-2, 2018: 6th International Conference on Machine Control and Guidance

The 6th international conference on Machine Control and Guidance will be held in Berlin from 1st to 2nd October 2018. The original aspect of MCG Conference is to cross different application domains and scientific areas and to bring together researchers, industry engineers and PhD students. The conference is jointly hosted by Technische Universität Berlin and ATB. VDI is honorary sponsor of the Conference. 

The conference is focussed to research and development in order to increase the autonomy of offroad machines, acting autonomously or in cooperation with humans and/or other machines. 

The MCG2018 Conference will discuss new research and developments of mobile machines and related topics regarding positioning, sensor use and fusion, dynamic modelling and simulation, Guidance and SLAM applications, autonomous and automated mobile machinery, robotics and UAV applications in precision agriculture as well as communication and connected systems.

Topics 2018:

Absolute and relative positioning 

Sensor use and sensor fusion in plant production

Data acquisition and evaluation for process optimisation

Dynamic modelling and simulation

Guidance and SLAM applications in agricultural context

Autonomous and automated mobile machinery

Robotics and UAV applications in precision agriculture

Communication and connected systems (IoT)       

For more information and registration visit our conference websitewww.mcg2018.tu-berlin.de 

Contact address: info@spam.mcg2018.tu-berlin.de

The conference language will be English.



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Henning Jürgen Meyer
Institut für Maschinenkonstruktion und Systemtechnik
FG Konstruktion von Maschinensystemen
Technische Universität Berlin
Telefon: +49 30 314 78517

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Cornelia Weltzien
Technik im Pflanzenbau
Leibniz-Institut für Agrartechnik und Bioökonomie (ATB)
Telefon: +49 331 5699 411

Institut für Maschinenkonstruktion und Systemtechnik
FG Agromechatronik
Technische Universität Berlin