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06. Feb. 2018: FRUTIC Symposium 2018

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The FRUTIC Symposium 2018: Optimizing Water Use in the Supply Chain of Fresh Produce will be held in Berlin on Feb. 06, 2018.

FRUTIC provides the platform for research network on emerging technologies or current issues in the industry. Topics capture technology advancement in production, harvest, postharvest, distribution and quality control of fruit, nut, and vegetables. This event is to provide a concerted platform that brings together academic scientists and all the role players from fresh produce industry, to interact with each other for the purpose of information dissemination, sharing practical experience and developing road maps for the most effective way to reach the common goals.

The FRUTIC Symposium on Optimizing Water Use in the Supply Chain of Fresh Producewill cover the following topics:

• Irrigation and its influence on fruit quality

• Irrigation and measuring techniques

• Postharvest decay and physiological disorders

• Methodology for measuring the water status of produce

• Fresh produce supply chain

• Sensors for analyzing the water content of produce

• Thermal imaging

• Oxygenation

• Reducing postharvest losses

• Postharvest treatments (cooling, hot water)

• Postharvest handling equipments (cleaning, washing, slicing, sorting, grading, packaging)

• Food safety, hygienic treatments

• Waste water treatment

• Water footprint

• Shelf life assessment and prediction

When: Feb 06, 2018, 08:00 am - approx. 05:00 pm

Where:City Cube Berlin - address: Messedamm 26, Postalcode - 14055 Berlin

FRUTIC 2018 will be organised in cooperation with FRUIT LOGISTICAat Messe Berlin.
FRUIT LOGISTICA is open Wednesday to Friday 07 to 09 February 2018. 

For more information please visit the FRUTIC 2018 website.

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Contact:Dr. Manuela Zude-Sasse