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Dr. Asef Darvishi


Abteilung: Agromechatronik

Telefon: +49 (0)331 5699 +49 (0) 175 883 92 82
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My research plans are basic concepts and developing new conceptual and methodological frameworks to solve environmental problems in a changing world (from nature domination to human domination). As a landscape ecologist, I investigate complex relationships between landscape patterns, processes, and services in the socio-ecological systems as an Integrated Hierarchical Landscape Services (IHLS). My research perspective is based on landscape complexity management in a holistic and integrated manner to design landscape composition and configuration to identify how and where should be protected or managed. This approach can help us enhance biodiversity and be dynamic against future changes such as land use and climate change and their effect on biodiversity distribution.


Curriculum Vitae

Peer Reviewed Publications

1.  Darvishi, A. , Yousefi, M., Marull, J., & Dinan, N.M. (2022). Modeling ecological scarcity considering the long-term interaction between human and nature in dry agricultural landscapes. Application in Qazvin (Iran). Ecological Modelling 472 , 110106.

2.  Darvishi, A. , Fakheran, S., Yousefi, M., Ghorbani, M., & Ahadi, M. (2022). Social Network Analysis for Planning and Environmental Co-management. Environmental Researches 13 (25), 151-165.

3.  Darvishi, A. , & Yousefi, M. (2022). Using water yield ecosystem services to assess water scarcity in a metropolitan arid environment in Qazvin region (Iran). Papers: Regió Metropolitana de Barcelona: Territori, estratègies, planejament , (64), 0216-222.

4. Darvishi, A., Yousefi, M., Dinan, N. M., & Angelstam, P. (2022). Assessing levels, trade-offs and synergies of landscape services in the Iranian province of Qazvin: towards sustainable landscapes. Landscape Ecology, 1-23.

5. Darvishi, A., Yousefi, M., & Mobarghaee Dinan, N. (2021). Evaluating the correlation between pollination ecosystem service and landscape pattern metrics (Case study: Qazvin province). Iranian Journal of Applied Ecology10(1), 51-63.

6. Yousefi, M., Darvishi, A., Tello, E., Barghjelveh, S., Dinan, N. M., & Marull, J. (2021). Comparison of two biophysical indicators under different landscape complexity. Ecological Indicators124, 107439.

7. Yousefi, M., Barghjelveh, S., Darvishi, A., & Mobargaee Dinan, N. (2021). Ecological Sustainability in" Energy Return on Investment (EROI)" and its Correlation with Agricultural Landscape Heterogeneity (Case Study: Qazvin Province).

8. Darvishi, A., Mobarghaee, N., Yousefi, M., & Barghjelveh, S. (2021). Using the method of “Effective Mesh Size” for qualitative evaluation of regional protected areas (Case study: Qazvin province). Journal of Environmental Studies46(4), 663-682.

9. Darvishi, A., Yousefi, M., & Marull, J. (2020). Modelling landscape ecological assessments of land use and cover change scenarios. Application to the Bojnourd Metropolitan Area (NE Iran). Land Use Policy99, 105098.

10. Darvishi, A., Yousefi, M., & Mobarghei Dinan, N. (2020). Investigating the effect of Socio-economic disturbance resulting from human activities on landscape ecological function using HANPP index (Case Study: Qazvin Province). Journal of Natural Environment73(3), 471-484.

11. Yousefi, M., Darvishi, A., Padró, R., Barghjelveh, S., Dinan, N. M., & Marull, J. (2020). An energy-landscape integrated analysis to evaluate agroecological scarcity. Science of the Total Environment739, 139998.

12. Darvishi, A., Mobarghaee Dinan, N., Barghjelveh, S., & Yousefi, M. (2020). Assessment and spatial planning of landscape ecological connectivity for biodiversity management (Case study: Qazvin province). Iranian Journal of Applied Ecology9(1), 15-29.

13. Darvishi, A., Fakheran, S., Soffianian, A., & Ghorbani, M. (2016). Change detection and land use/cover dynamics in the Arasbaran Biosphere Reserve. Journal of Natural Environment68(4), 559-572.

14. Darvishi, A., Fakheran, S., & Soffianian, A. (2015). Monitoring landscape changes in Caucasian black grouse (Tetrao mlokosiewiczi) habitat in Iran during the last two decades. Environmental monitoring and assessment187, 1-13.

15. Tondravan, Z.M., Darvish, A., Fakheran, S. (2015). Monitoring of Land Use/Cover Changes in International Wetlands for the Purpose of Environmental Protection: A Case Study of Choqakhor Wetland, Iran. International Bulletin of Water Resources & Development, 3(1), 129-137.

16. Darvish, A., Ghorban, M., Fakheran, S., & Soffianian, A. (2014). Network analysis and key actors toward wildlife management (case study: habitat of Caucasian Black Grouse, Arasbaran Biosphere Reserve). Iranian Journal of Applied Ecology3(9), 29-41.

17. Darvishi, A., Fakheran, S., Soffianian, A., & Ghorbani, M. (2014). Quantifying landscape spatial pattern changes in the Caucasian Black Grouse (Tetrao Mlokosiewiczi) Habitat in Arasbaran biosphere reserve. Iranian journal of applied ecology2(5), 27-38.


Conference Papers

1. Darvishi A, Mobarghei N, shahindokht B (2020) Environmental Impact Assessment of Human Disturbance on Landscape Complexity with Emphasizing on Biodiversity, National Congress of Environmental Impact Assessment, Tehran, Iran. (Presented)

2. Moghaddas S, Darvishi A, Yousefi J, Hashemi SH, Movassegh Z (2018) Analysis of environmental programs (with emphasis on biodiversity) 5-year economic, social and cultural development plans of the country. National Conference Seventy Years of Development Planning in Iran, Tehran, Iran

3. Mobarghaee, Dinan, N., Aghsaee, H., Yousefi, M., and Darvishi, A., 2016. An economic evaluation of air pollution, Fourth National Conference on Air and Sound Pollution Management, Tehran, Iran.

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6. Eliasi, S., Darvishi, A., 2014, "Scrutiny of effective to stakeholder’s communion in optimum exploit from natural resource in the environmental fields", National Congress of Economic resistive; solutions and challenges, Ilam, Iran.

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8. Darvishi, A. , Fakheran, S., Soffianian, AR, Ghorbani, M., 2013, "Analysis of Landscape Patterns Changes in the Caucasian Black Grouse Habitat in Arasbaran Biosphere Reserve" The 1st International Conference of IALE-Iran, 30 October, Isfahan, Iran. (Presented).

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