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May 15-17, 2023: BONARES 2023 Conference, Berlin

BonaRes 2023 Conference Berlin

BonaRes 2023 Conference Berlin

Interested scientists as well as stakeholders in the field of soil management are invited to join the BONARES 2023 Conference Berlin – “Soil as a sustainable resource”. The conference will bring together researchers from various disciplines related to soil and plant sciences and agronomy to discuss strategies towards a (multi)functionality of soil ecosystems taking also constraints of climate and global change into account. The conference aims at providing solutions for a sustainable soil management including climate change adaptation, which requires an understanding of soils at a systemic level and to assess their value in a socio-economic framework.

BONARES 2023 Conference Berlin – “Soil as a sustainable resource”

Bringing together the wide range of expertise required to direct soil management towards sustainable soil functioning

Conference venue: Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin, Stephanstrasse 41, 10559 Berlin, Germany 

Date: May 15 - 17, 2023

Call for Abstracts - Submission Deadline: Tuesday, 31 January 2023

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1. Impact of agriculture and cropping systems on soil functions

2. Carbon and nutrient cycling in soils: Processes and interactions in a changing world

3. Soil biomes and multifunctionality of soils

4. Soil degradation and sustainable soil management in agricultural landscapes

5. Model-based prediction of the dynamics of soil functions

6. Using soil sensing technologies for soil mapping, modelling and decision making in agriculture

7. Soils as a key to climate change mitigation: private and public governance instruments to unlock the potential

8. Data challenges and solutions

About the BonaRes funding project:

The ATB coordinates 1 of 10 interdisciplinary collaborative projects within the BonaRes funded research work that aims to secure productivity and efficiency of soil as a resource in the long run and – if possible to enhance them. The I4S (Intelligence for Soil) – Integrated System for Site-Specific Soil Fertility Management project is a joint research project which develops solutions for maintaining and improving soil fertility within the framework of precision agriculture. 

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