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Fr 10. Aug. 2012, 10 Uhr, ATB-Kolloquium

Prof. Dr. Delphis Levia, University of Delaware (USA): Precipitation partitioning and the corresponding differences in subcanopy fluxes of water and solutes between throughfall and stemflow: implications for forestry and agriculture. 

Vegetative canopies inherently alter the input of water and solutes to the soil and rhizosphere over space and through time. This alteration of water and nutrients can have marked effects on a plant’s ability to access water and nutrients. This presentation examines how precipitation partitioning into throughfall and stemflow affects the inputs of water and nutrients to the soil. Particular emphasis is directed toward the differential routing of throughfall and stemflow through aboveground vegetative surfaces and how this is coupled with belowground transport of water and nutrients that likely affect plant productivity. Examples from both forest and agricultural settings are discussed in an effort to shed light on possible linkages between precipitation partitioning and plant productivity.   

Prof. Dr. Delphis Levia is currently staying for his research at the University of Jena (Germany) for several months. He is an Associate Professor of Ecohydrology and the Director of Environmental Studies Secondary Appointment, Plant & Soil Sciences, Univ. of Delaware, Newark/USA.