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22. Juni 2015


DoktorandInnen stellen ihre Forschungsthemen vor... (in englischer Sprache)

I) Heat stress thresholds in dairy cows 

Referentin: Woutine Henderkien Pauw

The PhD research on heat stress thresholds in dairy cows is part of the research project OptiBarn. Along with milk production, dairy cows produce large amounts of heat. In case of high environmental temperatures, the animals cannot get rid of this heat and get into heat stress. The aim of the PhD research is to find out the exact conditions under which heat stress in dairy cows occurs.

II) Photo-catalytic oxidation of ethylene in fruit packaging and storage

Referentin: Namrata Pathak 

The PhD research “Photo-catalytic oxidation of ethylene in fruit packaging and storage“ is funded by the ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) International Scholarship. Ethylene is a natural product of plant metabolism and it induces detrimental effects in fruits like rapid ripening and subsequent decay. Removing ethylene from the atmosphere surrounding fresh fruits is one of the major challenges in postharvest handling of horticultural products. The aim of this PhD research is to investigate and optimize TiO2 based photo-catalytic nano-material for removing ethylene from fruit packaging and storage environment.