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14. Juli 2015


Lösungen neueren Typs der anomalen Konvektions-Diffusions-Transportgleichungen.

Referent: Prof. Csaba Mészáros, Szent István University, Gödöllö, Hungary

The lecture focusses on diffusion processes in porous material, with application e.g. in drying. After a brief overview of most important general features of the non-classical diffusion on the base of the contemporary non-equilibrium thermodynamics, the relevant generalized form of the free energy function is presented on the base of the general theory of non-classical type diffusion processes. Then, using the simplest variant of the convection-diffusion equation, novel-type analytic solutions are given for transport processes with both subdiffusive-, and superdiffusive phenomena.

Einladender ATB-Wissenschaftler: Prof. Dr Klaus Gottschalk