Präzisionslandwirtschaft in Pflanzenbau und Tierhaltung

Foto: ATB

July 1-2, 2019: Conference “Digital tools for organic and small-scale farming”, ATB Potsdam

The conference aims at an interdisiplinary exchange  between Chinese and German experts in the field of digitization in agriculture. The conference is part of a DCZ-CAAS Conference and Study Tour to Germany from 30th of June to 5th of July 2019. It is organized by IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH, Leipzig, on behalf of the Sino-German Agricultural Centre.

Topics of the conference “Digital tools for organic and small-scale farming” are e.g. digital approaches for managing soils as well as for precision horticulture applications, and data acquisition with UAV and satellite remote sensing. Day two focuses on advances and challenges of digitization for organic and small scale farming. The conference will end with demonstrations of new technologies at ATB’s fieldlab for digital agriculture in Marquardt.

The Chinese delegation comprises scientists from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), Agriculture Universities as well as representatives of tech companies. The conference offers the opportunity to meet and exchange with experts from ATB, ZALF, HNEE and University of Wageningen. 

After the conference, the study tour will be continued on day three with stopps at ZALF, Müncheberg, and at Eco-village Brodowin before the group will be visiting the Organic Field Days in Frankenhausen.

Kontakt: Dr. Christiane von Haselberg