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Photo: ATB

Successfully graduated - ATB congratulates five doctoral researchers

Traditional procession at ATB for our graduates Nader Marzban and Marios Psarianos from the Systems Process Engineering department. (Photo: ATB)

Corina Thomas at work: Sampling a compost heap consisting of poultry manure. (Photo: private)

Sofia Zanella Cara and her supervisor Katrin Drastig are delighted with the successful completion of her doctorate at HU Berlin. (Photo: private)

Richard J. Orozco together with his doctoral supervisor Philipp Grundmann and his mother Isabel Pulido after the successful defence of his dissertation. (Photo: private)

In the past few months, five of our young scientists have successfully completed their dissertations. We warmly congratulate all of them. For their future careers, we wish them all the best and look forward to future discussions and collaboration.

Corinna Thomas defended her dissertation on "Manure management measures to reduce the risk of spreading ESBL-/AmpCproducing Escherichia coli from chicken manure into the food chain" in October 2023 at the Free University of Berlin in the Department of Veterinary Medicine with a grade of "very good". During her studies, she was supervised by Prof. Dr Thomas Amon, Head of the "Sensory Science and Modelling" department.
Corinna Thomas will continue to work on the spread of antibiotic-resistant pathogens in the two projects DigiMuh and EsRAM at the ATB and will keep animal welfare at the centre of her work.

Sofia Zanella Carra successfully completed her dissertation in November 2023 at the Humboldt University of Berlin. She conducted her research on "Evaluation of Water Productivity of Plant Production and Livestock Production in an Experimental Watershed Located in Southern Brazil" in the working group Water Productivity in Agriculture led by PD Dr Katrin Drastig at the ATB. She came to the institute on a DAAD scholarship in 2019.
We wish Sofia Zanella Carra continued success in her role as an analyst on climate protection and sustainable development and all the best for her professional future.

Shortly before Christmas, Nader Marzban successfully defended his doctorate at the Technical University of Berlin on the topic "From hydrothermal carbonisation to hydrothermal humification of biomass: The role of process conditions" with distinction. We congratulate him on this success!
Nader Marzban has also been researching at the ATB since 2019 as part of a DAAD scholarship. In the Thermochemical Conversion working group, he supported projects such as "Save a tree in Sanssouci". His cumulative dissertation, which was supervised at ATB by Dr Thomas Hoffmann, Head of the Systems Process Engineering Department, and Dr Judy Libra, is based on five scientific publications.
We are delighted that Nader Marzban will remain at the ATB as a post-doc in his working group and will continue to enrich and support biochar research here. 

Marios Psarianos defended his research work in January 2024 at Justus Liebig University Giessen with a "very good" grade. As part of his research work entitled "Exploring the potential of house crickets (Acheta domesticus) in future agri-food systems" in the BMBF research network "Food4Future", he has already published numerous scientific articles.
We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Marios Psarianos at the ATB. He will continue to develop his expertise in the "Bio-efficient processing of food" working group led by Dr Oliver Schlüter, his doctoral supervisor at the ATB.

Richard J. Orozco also successfully completed his dissertation in January 2024. He completed his thesis at the Humboldt University of Berlin with the title "Co-evolution of business environments and grassland innovations in the Bioeconomy" with "very good".
Richard J. Orozco was supervised at the ATB by Dr Philipp Grundmann. He has already published his research results in several scientific articles. An important contribution of his research is the identification of the necessary conditions for innovative business models in the bioeconomy.
Richard J. Orozco will continue his work in the GO-GRASS project at the ATB. We are very much looking forward to further collaboration.


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