Careers at ATB

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Graduation, Internships & Volunteer Work

At ATB, scientists from the natural sciences, engineering and economics work together in interdisciplinary teams to investigate the possibilities of transforming agricultural, food, industrial and energy systems into a comprehensive biobased circular economy and to develop technology, processes and management strategies for this purpose. 

We offer students the opportunity to work on their bachelor's or master's thesis and to do internships at ATB within the framework of research projects.

In addition, we offer young people the opportunity to get a taste of practical experience in the context of a voluntary social year in science, technology and sustainability prior to university studies.

Bachelor, Master & Diploma Theses

In case of mutual interest and availability of a suitable topic, we offer students the possibility to work on a bachelor, master or diploma thesis at the institute.

First get informed by visiting our website about our topics and the focal points of the respective research groups at ATB (see Our copmetences

For questions, please contact the heads of the respective research groups.

The application is made online on our job portal under unsolicited application. Please submit the following documents:

  • a letter of motivation, which includes information about your ideas regarding content as well as the possible time period,
  • a short curriculum vitae,
  • certificates (if available) 
  • a confirmation of enrollment. 

Please note that we cannot provide any payment for the work on a theses.


Every year we offer a limited number of internships for students from various disciplines, for example agricultural and horticultural sciences, process engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental sciences, microbiology or computer science - preferably from the 5th or 6th semester on and with good software and programming skills. 
Unfortunately, applications from school students can only be considered in rare cases.

An volunteer internship at ATB offers:

  • Involvement in interesting interdisciplinary research projects
  • Development of work elements for these projects through research, working with databases and models, preparation of data, data analysis, writing a report, accompanying events
  • Competent supervision, with the opportunity to work independently with regular feedback from the team
  • Work in a motivating work environment and as part of international working groups

An internship should usually last at least 4 weeks and is restricted to 3 months. 

ATB generally cannot offer interns any payment.

If you are interested in an internship, please apply online with a letter of motivation, a short CV, in case of compulsory internships as part of your studies a curriculum, and references on our job portal under unsolicited applications.

In the case of compulsory internships as part of your studies, the following documents must also be submitted: Certificate of enrollment/certificate of study, excerpt from the study regulations stating the regulations on compulsory internships for your field of study, and curriculum.

We will then check whether there is free capacity in the desired period and then contact you.

Voluntary Social Year in Science, Technology and Sustainability (FJN)

We also offer opportunities for people between the age of 16 and 26 and for a duration of usually 12 months in the framework of the Voluntary Service. The Voluntary Social Year in Science, Technology and Sustainability (FJN) is a model project under the Voluntary Service Act, run by the International Youth Community Services (ijgd).

Within the framework of an FJN at ATB, you will gain valuable insights into different areas of work at our research institution. This offers you the opportunity for career orientation as well as for acquiring life experience and skills in the fields of technology development, environmental and climate protection.

You will be integrated into a work group and you will get to know the tasks of the team. Depending on where you will be working, your tasks will include, for example, laboratory work in preparing experiments, taking samples, preparing and processing samples, conducting smaller laboratory analyses on your own, recording and maintaining data, and conducting initial data analyses. Throughout the year, there are usually opportunities for field work with several days of outdoor activities. All FJN students are cordially invited to the regular scientific lectures and presentations at the ATB.

For more information on the tasks and modalities, please visit the website of the International Youth Community Services (ijgd).

If you are interested in an FJN at ATB, please first contact one of the sponsoring organizations for the FJN, e.g.:

Voluntary Social Year (FSJ)

We also offer opportunities for young people and young adults to complete a Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) at the ATB, usually for a period of 12 months. The FSJ is carried out by the "Internationale Bund" (IB).

Within the framework of an FSJ at the ATB, you will gain valuable insights into the research management of a research institute. 

Further information on the tasks and modalities can be found on the website of the International Federation (IB).

If you are interested in an FSJ at the ATB, please first contact one of the sponsoring organisations for the FSJ, e.g.:

Your contact at ATB: 

Alexandra Schmeck (HR)


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