Social responsibility

Children's Day at ATB (Photo: ATB)

Social responsibility

The institute has more than 250 employees - in research, in the technical field and in administration. The institute offers an attractive work environment, which refers to the reconciliation of career and family as well as equal opportunities for women and men.

Scientists from various disciplines collaborate in teams, supported by technical staff. The multidisciplinary research teams are composed by experienced scientists and doctoral students and postdocs.

Promotion of young employees

The ATB promotes young researchers and provides students through internships or qualification measures the chance to work in interesting scientific fields and to gain first experience in research.

The ATB is also involved in job training and provides apprenticeships for technical and administrative professions.

Career and family

We support our employees in reconciling career and family responsibilities. Various offers and individual arrangements offered by the ATB in particular for colleagues with young children and family members in need for care contribute to balance family and career duties. 

Family-friendly measures include:  

  • flexi-time and flexible working hours, 
  • individual work arrangements and part-time models, 
  • arrangements for keeping contact during parental leave and for returning to the job, 
  • bridging care gaps in the institute's "parent-child room", 
  • organizational measures to reconcile managerial responsibilities with family obligations.

The measures for reconciling work and family are addressed both to mothers as well as fathers.

For its family friendly environment, the ATB 2010 was awarded with the certificate auditberufundfamilie and since then successfully reaudited several times, most recently in 2019.

Equal opportunities

Half of all those currently employed at ATB are women: technical staff in the laboratories, secretariats and administration, scientists from a wide range of disciplines, from doctoral candidates to board members.

The 'Agreement on the promotion of equal opportunities at ATB' sets the legal and organisational framework. Concrete goals and measures are updated in equality plans. 

The equal opportunities concept implements the 'Research-oriented equal opportunities standards of the DFG and the Leibniz Association' and aims to promote women in science and research. 

European Charter for Researchers 

As a member of the Leibniz Association, the ATB is committed to the 'European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers'.