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Collections from agricultural engineering research and testing in Potsdam-Bornim from 1927 to 1990

Photographs, figures and scripts, but also film material of ATB's preceding institutes from 1927 to 1990 provide an overview of the historical development of the research site and the agricultural engineering research work carried out by ATB's predecessor institutes (in German only).

The historical material has been digitally processed and archived on the media and publication server of the Technical University of Munich (mediaTUM).

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This extensive collection of historical sources not only provides a comprehensive overview of the research work of the ATB's predecessor institutes at the Potsdam-Bornim site, but also includes documents from the neighbouring Central Test Centre for Agricultural Machinery (ZPL) as well as partial collections from former university and non-university agricultural engineering institutes of the GDR, which were assigned to ATB.

Slides and papers were compiled according to the model of AgTecCollection of the TU Munich. The extensive slide collection and the Bornimer test reports with pictures and films on the testing of agricultural machinery are particularly noteworthy. The photo collection from the ATB predecessor institutes alone contains about 15,000 slides and the corresponding descriptions from the years 1955 to 1990.