Social responsibility

Children's Day at ATB (Photo: ATB)

Gender Equality at ATB

For us, equality between women and men is a matter of course. With regard to the reconciliation of work and family, ATB offers excellent working conditions, its leaders are highly sensitized to gender equality issues. The proportion of women and men in the entire staff and also among the scientists in the salary groups E12/E13 has been almost balanced for several years.

As a Leibniz Institute, ATB is committed to the equality goals defined by the Leibniz Association, and is supported in its efforts by the Leibniz Association through various instruments. In 2008, the Leibniz Association decided to accept the "Research-oriented Equality Standards" adopted by the German Research Foundation (DFG) as part of a voluntary commitment. The structural and personnel standards defined here contribute to gender equality in a consistent, transparent, competitive, future-oriented and competent manner. 

In order to implement the research-oriented equality standards at ATB, goals and measures are updated regularly in the equality plan. In 2020, the Equality Plan 2020-2023 has been approved. 
The activities of the Equal Opportunity Officer are supported by a 20% exemption share.

We have set ourselves the goal of further increasing or consolidating the proportion of women among scientific staff (target quotas).