Research infrastructure

Photo: Manuel Gutjahr

Drying lab

ATB develops energy-efficient and product-friendly drying processes for agricultural products, from basic research to industrial implementation. For experimental research into the underlying physical processes, various semi-technical test facilities and laboratory analysis equipment are available in the drying technology centre and the drying laboratory connected to it.

Drying technical laboratory

  • Thin-film dryers for basic experimental research on the drying behaviour of different products
  • Novel vertical dryers of different designs for continuous grain drying as a modular system for particle flow, through-flow and drying tests 
  • Heat pump dryer for the energy-efficient drying of medicinal and aromatic plants designed as a prototype for mobile testing. The batch dryer is coupled with a multifunctional heat pump unit with which different operating modes can be investigated.
  • Test technology for residence time measurements and for analysing the flow of stationary and moving bulk solids (laser light section method, tracer gas analysis)

Drying lab

In the drying laboratory, product-specific tests are carried out on sorption and drying behaviour as well as determining mechanical and thermal material properties.

  • Water vapour sorption system for investigating the sorption behaviour of drying goods and determining it in terms of sorption isotherms
  • Thermogravimetric analysis to characterise the drying kinetics of very small samples on lab scale
  • Magnetic resonance spectrometer (NMR spectrometer) for non-destructive measurement and analysis of particle moisture distributions in drying processes