Areas of competence

Photo: Manuel Gutjahr

Sensors and Modelling

In the competence area 'Sensors and Modelling' we combine veterinary research on stress parameters and microbial contamination with environmental research on emission and flow processes in and around animal husbandry facilities.

The objective of our application-oriented basic research is to further develop sustainable animal husbandry systems and to improve husbandry environment, animal health and welfare, environmental aspects and also competitiveness of animal husbandry in an One Health approach. 

Our research focus is on the development and optimization of methods and technologies for analytics, sensor technology as well as data and information processing in automation processes. 

In order to meet these tasks, we combine our competences from the disciplines of veterinary medicine, environmental technology, physics and agricultural sciences.


The boundary layer wind tunnel offers extensive possibilities for the investigation of flow and dispersion processes surrounding agricultural buildings as well as flow and ventilation processes within the buildings.

Extensive measurement technology, supplemented by large computer capacities for CFD simulations, also enable the determination of emissions and animal-related parameters under practical conditions.

The cooperating teaching and research institute LVAT Groß Kreutz nearby offers excellent conditions for practical investigations in dairy farming, which have been established as a result of joint investments in technical equipment.

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