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WG Infections and antimicrobial resistances in livestock

The working group "Infections and antimicrobial resistances (AMR) in livestock" investigates prevalence, transmission and reduction measures of infections, zoonoses and AMR within livestock husbandry (cattle, pigs, poultry) and their environment. With special regard to the One-Health concept, the consideration of complex interactions between humans, animals and the environment plays a central role. To interrupt infection chains and AMR spread, it is necessary to identify pathogen sources and to know and characterize transmission pathways more precisely. Based on the knowledge gained, effective and practically implementable prevention and mitigation measures will be defined. These should serve to reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock farming, increase animal welfare and animal health, and reduce the risk to humans and the environment from infections of animal origin (zoonoses). 

In detail, the group is investigating:

  • The airborne spread of particulate matter, microorganisms, and AMR by aerosols during manure application on the field.
  • The survival and reduction of pathogens in chicken manure by different manure treatments (composting, fermentation, storage, addition of easily digestible carbon sources) and the modulation of different parameters (moisture, temperature, C/N ratio, pH, etc.).
  • The occurrence, transmission and reduction of AMR Enterobacteria in pig farms. The influence of the housing system, hygiene and feed on AMR prevalence will be investigated.
  • The early detection and characterization of mastitis (udder inflammation) in dairy cows. This includes milk microbiome analysis and AMR characterization of cows with and without mastitis or antibiotic treatment. The knowledge gained will be used to develop a multisensory and early risk assessment system for mastitis.  



We are actively involved in the Leibniz research alliance "INFECTIONS" and work in close interdisciplinary cooperation with many national and international research institutions.

Group leader

Dr. Kabelitz, Tina

Research Scientist, head of the working group "Infections and AMR in livestock"

Department: Sensors and Modelling


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