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Dr. Tina Kabelitz

Research Scientist, head of the working group "Infections and AMR in livestock"

Department: Sensors and Modelling

Telefon: +49 (0)331 5699 521

Program areas

Research areas

since Sep 2021
Head of the working group "Infections and antimicrobial resistances in livestock"          
  • microbiological interaction of humans, animalsand environment (One Health concept)
  • Investigation of prevalence, transmission and reduction of antimicrobial resistances in fattening pigs ·        
  • Individualized mastitis risk assessment in dairy farming using sensors, digitalization and artificial intelligence ·        
  • Interventions to control the dynamics of antimicrobial resistance from chickens through the environment ·        
  • Participation in the Leibniz research alliance "INFECTIONS”
since Nov 2018
Project: "Spread of antibiotic resistance in an agrarian landscape" (SoARiAL)
Funding: Leibniz-Gemeinschaft, Berlin
  • measurement and characterisation of particulate matter emissions during the application of organic fertiliser
  • development and spread of antimicrobial resistances in livestock farming and the environment
  • orientation to the "One-Health Approach"
  • participation in the research network "Infections'21"
July 2016 - Oct 2018
Project: „Methodenentwicklung  und technische Unterstützung einer Dekontaminationseinheit für Äpfel mittels  heißen Wassers“ (DekonWa)
Funding: Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen "Otto  von Guericke" e.V. (AiF) / Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und  Technologie (BMWi), Berlin  
  • microbiological investigation and cultivation of human pathogens 
  • cofocal laser scanning microscopy (cLSM)
  • food analytics
  • determination of food quality parameters



Veröffentlichungen vor ATB-Zugehörigkeit

  • Brzezinka, K., Altmann, S., Czesnick, H., Nicolas, P., Gorka, M., Benke, E., ... & Bäurle, I. (2016). Arabidopsis FORGETTER1 mediates stress-induced chromatin memory through nucleosome remodeling. elife, 5, e17061.
  • Kabelitz, T., Brzezinka, K., Friedrich, T., Górka, M., Graf, A., Kappel, C., & Bäurle, I. (2016). A jumonji protein with E3 ligase and histone H3 binding activities affects transposon silencing in Arabidopsis. Plant physiology, 171(1), 344-358.
  • Kabelitz, T. (2015). Natural and induced variation in the silencing of a Mutator-like transposon from Arabidopsis thaliana. (Dissertation)
  • Kabelitz, T., & Bäurle, I. (2015). Get the jump–Do 3? UTRs protect transposable elements from silencing?. Mobile genetic elements, 5(4), 51-54.
  • Kabelitz, T., Kappel, C., Henneberger, K., Benke, E., Nöh, C., & Bäurle, I. (2014). eQTL mapping of transposon silencing reveals a position-dependent stable escape from epigenetic silencing and transposition of AtMu1 in the Arabidopsis lineage. The Plant Cell, 26(8), 3261-3271.

Curriculum Vitae

since July 2016
Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy e.V. (ATB)

Dec 2011 – May 2015
PhD (Dr. rer. nat.)
University of Potsdam, AG Plant Epigenetics (Prof. Isabel Bäurle)
Thesis topic: Natural and induced variation in the silencing of a Mutator-like transposon from Arabidopsis thaliana

Oct 2009 – Nov 2011 
Master Molecular and Cellular Biology  
University of Potsdam

Oct 2006 – Sep 2009
Bachelor Molecular Biology / Physiology
University of Potsdam