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Transformation von Kühlmanagement & Kälteerzeugung von Obstlagerräumen in das digitale Zeitalter mittels simulativem und praktischem Systemvergleich
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COOLPLAN Gerhard Frei
Gerhard Frei
Stiftung Kompetenzzentrum Obstbau - Bodensee
Kratschmayer Kälte Klima Lüftung GmbH

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The requirements of the F-Gas Regulation strengthen the use of the alternative refrigerants CO2 (R744) with direct cooling and propane (R290) with indirect cooling. These requirements and the significantly increasing energy costs have a major impact on the current and future choice of refrigerants and systems. The DyNatCool project aims to minimise both the use of resources for the construction and the energy demand for the operation of the refrigeration system to the minimum necessary for long-term apple storage and to define the optimal refrigeration concept with alternative refrigerants. Long-term cold storage for fruit (especially apple and pear) is operated for a large part of the operating hours only in the partial load range. The design of such often oversized refrigeration systems has so far been based on simplified linear calculations of the high heat load in the short cooling phase. DyNatCool investigates: - the heat transfer on fruit and in large crates as a basis for calculating the transient heat load in the cooling phase, - the influence of the duration of the cooling phase on the preservation of product quality on the basis of product-physiological investigations, - the energy efficiency of future cooling systems based on natural refrigerants (CO2, propane). Two pilot plants and a newly developed demonstrator tool for the comparison of apple storage between propane and CO2 systems are used for the implementation and validation of the objectives.

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