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Komm in den Kreislauf. Kommunikations- und Wissenstransferprojekt für Brandenburger Schüler*innen
Coordinating Institute
Leibniz-Institut für Gemüse- und Zierpflanzenbau, Großbeeren & Erfurt (IGZ)
Babette Dr. Regierer
Leibniz-Institut für Gemüse- und Zierpflanzenbau, Großbeeren & Erfurt (IGZ)

Project team ATB
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Bio-economy as a topic of the science years 2020/2021, as part of the sustainability strategy of the state of Brandenburg and the global sustainability goals is the focus of the cooperation project BioKiK of IGZ and ATB. Pupils* in grades 10 and 11 from Brandenburg schools experimentally deal with circular economy as an important area of the bio-economy. By observing and evaluating their own throw-away behaviour, the project creates an awareness of the generation of waste and how to avoid it. The focus is on the use of resources and the possibilities of replacing waste components with bio-based or recyclable materials, thus enabling a largely loss-free reuse in another form. The pupils keep a waste diary and develop their own product and recycling ideas, which they then discuss with representatives from research and industry. In this way, the perception of resource consumption and possibilities for the use of alternative biogenic raw materials are strengthened in an action-oriented approach. To support the social dialogue on the bio-economy, the institutes develop information and teaching material (especially interactive infographics) and exhibits for public relations work.

Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur des Landes Brandenburg
Funding agency
Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg
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Funding framework
Wettbewerb Stärkung des Transfers durch innovative Kommunikationsmaßnahmen