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Photo: ATB

Double success: Two awards at two separate conferences in one week

Prof. Elena Torrieri, University of Naples, Italy, gratulating Nandita Keshri (left) at SLIM 2019 (Photo: Keshri)

June 19, 2019: Within a week, ATB's doctoral researcher Nandita Keshri was awarded twice for her poster contributions on a new sensor for measuring respiration rate of fresh produce in storage. 

Nandita Keshri was awarded in recognition of her outstanding contribution on a newly developed sensor (RMS88) for monitoring gases, respiration rate and package permeability. 

She received Best Poster Awards at two conferences: the 4th International Conference on Pre- and Post-harvest Quality of Horticultural Commodities, Skierniewice, Poland, and the 9th Edition of the Shelf Life International Meeting (SLIM 2019), Naples, Italy. In Naples, the award was presented by Prof. Elena Torrieri from University of Naples (photo), at the the conference in Skierniewice, she was awarded by InHort, Poland. In addition, she had been awarded by a travel grant from DAAD to participate in this conference.

PhD student Nandita Keshri is graduate of JNKVV, Jabalpur and IIT Kharagpur, India. She currently holds DAAD full scholarship for her PhD. She is a member of packaging group and supervised by Dr.-Ing. Pramod Mahajan at ATB and by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Cornelia Weltzien at TU Berlin. Nandita Keshri is currently working on RMS88 sensor development and applications for measuring real-time in-situ respiration rate and RQ of fresh produce in storage.

Results of her study including further information about the sensor is available from the original paper:

Keshri, N.; Truppel, I.; Herppich, W. B.; Geyer, M. Weltzien, C.; Mahajana, P. V.: Development of sensor system for real-time measurement of respiration rate of fresh produce. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 157 (Feb): 322-328, 2019. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.compag.2019.01.006