Our team


Dr. Martina Jakob

senior scientist

Department: Technology Assessment

Telefon: +49 (0)331 5699 624
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Program areas

Research areas

High quality parameters of agricultural and horticultural products still demand their manual handling during harvest and post harvest. It is our aim to ojectively evaluate and optimize work place design in agriculture and horticulture. For this we use different methods. Our ergonomic lab offers 3-D-motion analysis to analyse and optimise work processes. In field studies we use video analysis, time studies or the multi moment method. 

Apart from process optimisation we focus on health and safety of farmers and farm workers. An EU initiative called 'Sacurima - Safety culture and risk management in agriculture' explores the various prevention and compliance programs to improve health and safety in agriculture.


Scientific activities

Member of the VDI MEG work group work science in agriculture

Member of the HICAHS - International Dairy Research Consortium

Member of the technical comitee of the international ergonomics association (IEA)

Reviewer for several peer-reviewed journals

Working group 1 leader www.sacurima.eu