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Dr. agr. Christiane von Haselberg

Research coordination and consultant for research funding

Department: Science Management Unit

Telefon: +49 (0)331 5699 811
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Program areas

Research areas

Research funding consultancy, funding advice for the acquisition of third-party funds

Promotion of cooperation (establishment and expansion of cooperation, planning and implementation of networking activities)

Coordination and conceptual-strategic activities

Lobbying, representation and communication (incl. committees, AKs)


Scientific activities

BMEL AK EU Research Coordinators

Leibniz Association Working Group Europe

AK Europe MWFK

Leibniz Association AK International Leibniz

Scientific Committee PEARLS Foundation






Veröffentlichungen vor ATB-Zugehörigkeit

K. C. MERTENS, J. VANGEYTE, C. Von HASELBERG, M. HOLPP, R. L. DOERFLER, I. THYSEN. 2011. Web Based Research Mapping and Analysis: ICT-AGRI’s Meta Knowledge Base Centralizes ICT and Robotics Development in Agriculture and Related Environmental Issues. The 9th International Conference on Education and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications: EISTA 2011, In the Context of The 5th International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics: IMSCI 2011, July 19th - July 22nd, 2011 – Orlando, Florida, USA The ICT-AGRI meta knowledge base: designing a web based tool for mapping and analysing research and development on ICT and robotics in agriculture and environmental related businesses.

VANGEYTE, J.; WEYENBERG, S. van; HIJAZI, B.; NUYTTENS, D.; BOBRUTZKI, K. von; HASELBERG, C. von; HOLPP, M.; DOERFLER, R. L.; THYSEN, I. 2010. International Conference on Agricultural Engineering - AgEng 2010: towards environmental technologies, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 6-8 September 2010 2010 pp. 163


HASELBERG, C. VON, P. LÜDDERS AND STÖSSER, R. 2004. Pollen tube growth, fertilization and ovule longevity in the carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua L.). Journal of Applied Botany 78:32-40.



Curriculum Vitae

Christiane von Haselberg,  

- Agricultural scientist with focus on horticultural sciences (fruit growing), doctorate at the Humboldt University based on field studies of permanent crops in Portugal 

- Since 2001 at ATB and since 2003 the function as a consultant for research coordination and promotion. 

- The main focus of her work is the initiation and coordination of cooperation with national and EU/int. partners from research and industry e.g. in EU projects as well as strategy and measures for the internationalisation of the ATB.