Research at ATB

Photo: Manuel Gutjahr

Property rights

The transfer of scientific and technical know-how between research and industry is a driving force for innovation and sustainable development.

At ATB, know-how above and below the threshold of intellectual property rights is created within the framework of the institute's own research activities, within the framework of cooperation in national and international research projects and in direct cooperation with commercial enterprises. Protecting research results in the form of patents and other forms of intellectual property promotes the transfer of knowledge into practical application and enables interested commercial enterprises to further develop knowledge-intensive business areas and secure their competitiveness.

ATB holds an extensive property rights portfolio of more than 20 property rights families.


Partnership with Ascenion GmbH

ATB is one of 17 Leibniz institutes that have signed an exclusive partnership with the patent exploitation agency Ascenion GmbH. The agency with its expertise in the life sciences and environmental sciences supports ATB in all aspects of patenting and commercialisation of its research results.