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Photo: ATB

Congratulation, Nandita Keshri!

Nandita Keshri (Foto: Manuel Gutjahr/ATB)

Nandita Keshri (Foto: Manuel Gutjahr/ATB)

Respiration sensor, developed by ATB (Photo: Foltan/ATB)

Respiration sensor, developed by ATB (Photo: Foltan/ATB)

Yesterday, Nandita Keshri very successfully defended her doctoral thesis at the Agromechatronics Department of the Technical University of Berlin.

During the last four years, the young scientist conducted research as a DAAD fellow on solutions for optimizing the storage of fresh products in dynamic CA systems (CA: controlled atmosphere) in ATB's Working Group Packaging and Storage.In her disputation, Nandita Keshri outlined, among other things, a modular sensor developed at ATB that can be used for in-situ real-time measurement of the respiration rate of fresh produce during storage and transport, making it possible to monitor and control O2 and CO2 concentrations within preselected limits.

In the video 'Measuring respiration for best storage conditions' on our Youtube channel, she explains how measuring withe the sensor works. 

During her research period at ATB, Nandita Keshri published her results in five scientific papers, and she was awarded two scientific prizes for her work. She will continue her professional career in industry ...

Congratulations and all the best for your future career, Dr. Nandita Keshri!

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