Precision farming in crop and livestock production

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Brandenburgs Luchgebiete klimaschonend bewahren - Initiierung einer moorerhaltenden Stauhaltung und Bewirtschaftung
Coordinating Institute
Landesamt für Umwelt Brandenburg - Geschäftsbereich des MLUK
Landesamt für Umwelt Brandenburg - Geschäftsbereich des MLUK

Project team ATB
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The rewetting of organic soils is one of the most important greenhouse gas mitigation options in agriculture with the highest mitigation potential. The state of Brandenburg has 165,000 ha of peatland. In 2019, the Brandenburg state government identified peatland protection as a policy task as part of the Climate Protection Plan 2050. The BLuMo project aims to ensure climate-friendly management of peatlands, secure peatland soil conservation and create solutions for securing the livelihoods of farms on peatlands. Among other things, demonstration projects for wet management and utilisation of biomass from wet peatlands are being established in 3 project areas in Brandenburg. The ATB's work in the project includes the development of agricultural process chains and solutions for the economic material utilisation of peatland biomass as well as the establishment of sustainable regional value chains and is summarised in the sub-project "Development of efficient process chains for the sustainable use of biomass from rewetted agricultural areas (BluVaTec)".

Bundesministerium für Umwelt (BMU)
Funding agency
Zukunft - Umwelt - Gesellschaft (ZUG) gGmbH
Funding framework
BMU-Förderinitiative "Pilotvorhaben Moorbodenschutz"