Precision farming in crop and livestock production

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Precision liming is worth it

Cliick here for the vido at Youtube

Cliick here for the vido at Youtube

Capturing soil data with the Veris platform (Photo: Gebbers/ATB)

Capturing soil data with the Veris platform (Photo: Gebbers/ATB)

A video of the EIP project pH-BB llustrates: A site-adapted lime management improves soil fertility, saves resources and increases yield potentials. 

Optimal soil pH is important for soil fertility and yield stability. Often, the pH value already differs greatly on a field. Current liming practice of agricultural land takes too little account of these variabilities.
In the EIP project „Precise liming“ (pH-BB) with the collaboration of ATB, soil properties are therefore recorded and evaluated in detail with the help of practice-friendly soil sensors. 

At the beginning of August 2021, a camera team accompanied a sensor measurement campaign on the pH-BB partner farm Landwirtschaft Philipp in Booßen near Frankfurt/Oder. There, two multi-sensor platforms were used to map a test field in order to create high-resolution maps of the pH value, texture and humus content, from which the lime requirement can be calculated. On this basis, a lime application map was calculated that enables site-specific lime fertilization according to requirements. 

The video on Youtube:

See also the video by ATB "Lohnt sich präzises Kalken?":  (in German)

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