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Photo: ATB

Vivid cooperation between ATB and Cairo University

At ATB, B. Amer and N. Youssef determin the heat and mass transfer in fruits during ventilation by means of infrared thermography

19th August 2013: ATB and the Faculty of Agriculture of Cairo University (FACU) will intensify existing collaboration. 


Already in April 2013, a novel Memorandum of Understanding  was signed by ATB director Prof. Dr. Reiner Brunsch and Prof. Maher A. Abdel Hamid, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies at Cairo University. ATB and FACU intent to extend research collaboration focussing on postharvest process engineering such as efficient drying, cooling, and storage technologies, as well as on the conversion of biomass into materials and energy. 

Since several years, the exchange of scientists between both institutes is fruitful practice. Several PhD candidates successfully graduated in Egypt after having carried out research at the ATB. Currently Dr. Baher Mahmoud Amer, Associate Professor of Agricultural Engineering & Biosystems, is visiting the ATB for his studies on efficient drying processes for fruits and vegetables. Nora Ali Youssef, student of food processing in Cairo, currently stays at the Institute in Potsdam for an internship of several months. Meanwhile ATB-scientist Prof. Dr. Klaus Gottschalk, frequently lecturing at FACU, is already planning his next stay at Cairo University.