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Prof. Reiner Brunsch is retiring after more than 25 years at the ATB

Prof. Reiner Brunsch

Prof. Reiner Brunsch thanked his colleagues at ATB in his farewell speech. Photo: Glaubitz/ATB

Five years after the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB) e.V. was founded in 1992, Prof. Reiner Brunsch began his work as head of the Department of Technology in Animal Farming in June 1997. In 2004 he provisionally became head of the ATB. With the start of 2008, he was appointed Scientific Director and continued in this role for ten years.

Prof. Brunsch is a scientist with a practical approach. His research focuses on the production of sustainable food and healthy nutrition in harmony with animal welfare and protection. He does not only demonstrate this in his work at the ATB but also as a university lecturer, practicing farmer, and entrepreneur.

"Prof. Brunsch accompanied the ATB for a long time and contributed significantly to the development of the institute and its research orientation," says Dr. Uta Tietz, former head of administration at the ATB, in farewell after many years of cooperation. " He has already contributed to many of the successes that are visible today and will continue to be so in the future."
The emotional words of thanks from the doctoral students he supervised also paid tribute to his work and commitment as a doctoral supervisor, university lecturer and honorary professor at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Prof. Brunsch particularly focused on expanding cooperative relationships with university research and endeavoured to strengthen the international positioning of the Institute. Even today, participation in various committees, such as the European Society of Agricultural Engineers (EurAgEng), still remains important to him. "I would like to thank Prof. Brunsch for his support and greatly appreciate the exchange with him. I am also looking forward to our future cooperation, although no longer at ATB but still in his function as Vice President of EurAgEng," says Prof. Barbara Sturm, Scientific Director at ATB and President of EurAgEng, in thanking him.

As of March 31, 2023, we bid farewell to Prof. Brunsch in his well-deserved retirement, which, however, will continue to be marked by his work as a scientist and farmer. This is because he is already planning a new project for the coming stage of his life, which he would like to start in the Lausitz region, his new home.
We wish Prof. Brunsch all the best for his new chapter in life and continued success for his upcoming plans. We are sure that we will continue to hear from him in the future.