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Photo: ATB

Innovative ICT based technologies for precision fruticulture

(Photo: Tsoulias/ATB)

Jan 26, 2018: At the world's leading trade fair for horticulture IPM Essen, ATB presented latest research solutions for precision fruticulture: sensor based and internet supported information and decision support systems for an improved resource efficiency in fruit production. 

Particularly innovation-oriented practitioners showed great interest in the new ICT-based technologies presented as part of the IPM Lehrschau. Laboratory data and information collected directly on the fruit tree provide the basis for decision-support tools aiming at an improved, resource-saving precise production. With the help of modern information and communication technology (ICT), the information can be straight away implemented into commercial fruit production in order to specifically support risk-benefit decisions along the entire process chain: from optimized irrigation to harvest and storage recommendations as well as the marketing of the fruits. Especially in irrigation, the new methods will help to schedule the plant-specific values much more precisely and site specifically (

Contact: Nicole Brandes and Manuela Zude