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Photo: ATB

For an open-minded and solidary together

ATB employees stand together for open-mindedness and solidarity. (Photo: ATB)

Science thrives on openness and internationality. We, the ATB, stand for a world-open, respectful and solidary together and resolutely oppose hate and exclusion. 

Our society is in a state of upheaval. The challenges posed by climate change, war, migration and necessary social and economic transformations are creating deep insecurities for many people. The rapid pace of change also leads to excessive demands. The answers to these challenges are not easy and harbour conflicts. Together with many stakeholders, science is working on solutions that require a strong society to implement.

Hatred, marginalisation, violence and intimidation are no solution! They threaten cohesion, prosperity and (scientific) freedom in our country. That is why the ATB and its employees from Germany and around the world are committed to a tolerant and open-minded Germany!

  • We are in favour of a diverse society based on solidarity.
  • We are in favour of open discussion, objective debate and respectful interaction with one another.

You can find the numerous supporters and everything about the "Brandenburg Shows Attitude" initiative here:

Brandenburg zeigt Haltung!