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The new Technical Circular Bioeconomy Advisory Group (TAG): a work program for circular bioeconomy approaches in lifestock

Prof. UZ Dr. Barbara Amon, Senior Researcher at ATB and co-chair of the TAG on Circular Bioeconomy.

The LEAP (Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance) Partnership works to improve the environmental performance of livestock supply chains while ensuring their economic and social viability.

Most recently, they announced the launch of a new work program for the new Technical Circular Bioeconomy Advisory Group (TAG), which will consist of 33 members. The TAG aims to define methodologies and metrics  for considering circular bioeconomy approaches in the livestock sector and explore the most important emerging uses of livestock production residues and waste streams and alternative feed resources. Finally, the TAG will develop technical guidelines for circular bioeconomy approaches in assessing the environmental impact of livestock supply chains.

The TAG on Circular Bioeconomy will be co-chaired by Prof. UZ Dr. Barbara Amon (ATB), Philippe Becquet (Institut National Agronomique, Paris) and Dr. Tim MCAllister (Agriculture and Agri Food Canady in Lethbridge, Alberta).

On April 18, 2023, the TAG on Circular Bioeconomy held its first meeting to start the working process. Within the next two years, the guidelines will be developed and formulated by the working group.

Prof. UZ Dr. Barbara Amon, Senior Research Scientist at ATB, is convinced that the future of sustainable agro-food systems needs to be based on circular bioeconomy principles. In terms of the challenges that we as a society are facing, she states: “The definition of methodologies and metrics to account for Circular Bioeconomy approaches in an international and interdisciplinary team will bring us a decisive step forward towards solutions to the Grand Societal Challenges.”

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