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Photo: ATB

Children´s Day at ATB

Technik in der Tierhaltung - Melken - Foto: Rumposch/ATB

Wissenschaft mit Kinderaugen betrachtet - Foto: Rumposch/ATB

Feb 2, 2016: ATB had invited the children of ATB employees to this year’s “Children´s Day” - an unusual opportunity for the younger generation to get a close look into the institute’s laboratories. 40 children aged 5 to 15 years followed the invitation and experienced the parent’s workplaces in their own way.  

The institute offered the children an insight into the scientific work by a diverse program which provided much space for playful discovery and experimentation. 

The department Engineering for Livestock Management opened the wind tunnel for some turbulent experiments. With wild disheveled hair, the children went on to the milking parlor right after that. Firsthand they could experience that it is not easy to milk by hand for getting some of the delicious white breakfast drink. The milking competition at the artificial udder demanded special skills and dexterity – as a result, all young milkers obviously had a lot of fun. The departments Bioengineering and Horticultural Engineering offered child-friendly insights into scientific methods, whether by viewing through a microscope, by the playful use of optical sensors or by small chemical experiments. Of course there was not only "research" on the schedule. Children and parents were equally involved in crafting insect hotels.The result: sparkling children's eyes and enthusiastic laughter.  

Family friendliness is very important to the ATB.  The Children's Day is an initiative of the project group "berufundfamilie" at the institute. The aim is to offer the children of staff members an opportunity to learn about the working world of their parents - and get a first impression of science and research.