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Photo: ATB

Bioeconomy Camp 2021: ATB scientist Marwa Shumo is part of it

Photo: M. Shumo

Smart forest cities, black soldier flies and strategies against climate change in the waiting room-TV: The Bioeconomy Camp on September 30 and October 1 brings together topics that are as diverse as pressing, different perspectives and visionary people. Their common goal: to network across disciplines and advance a bio-based economy of the future.

Joining them is ATB scientist Dr. Marwa Shumo, who is conducting research on the potential for industrial mass production of insects as feed and for waste recycling. Commenting on the potential of the black soldier fly, she says, "Insects can help solve some of our most pressing global problems." 

She is joining more than 90 young researchers from all over Germany at the Bioeconomy Camp in the Science Year 2020|21. The online conference is an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in cooperation with the University of Hohenheim. Participants come from a wide range of disciplines - from environmental technology, biology to the humanities and economics. 

How do I network with other researchers? How do we jointly develop strategies and solutions, across our disciplinary boundaries, for the transformation towards a sustainable, biobased economy? How do I communicate my research to the public? For whom might this be fascinating - and do I even feel comfortable with it?
These and other questions will be explored in interactive panel discussions, barcamp sessions, deep-dive workshops and roundtable discussions.
Together with masterminds from science, business and society, they will develop visionary research ideas for a sustainable bioeconomy.

Parallel to the camp, there will be a participatory exhibition with haptic artifacts and posters on participants' ideas and research questions, displaying their cross-disciplinary topics in an artful way. In addition, the three best research ideas from the barcamp sessions will be honored on the second day of the event. 

The aim of the event is to bring the concept of the bioeconomy to life with all its potentials and challenges and to highlight it from different perspectives.

The public program events will be livestreamed here