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Photo: ATB

Sept 14-16, 2022: INSECTA 2022 International Conference

Young cricket in breeding on egg board

Young cricket in breeding on egg board (Photo: G. Rossi/ATB)

The INSECTA 2022 International Conference aims to give an overview of state-of-the-art technology of insects for food, feed and non-food application. Topics cover the whole value chain from research, growing and processing to safety and waste valorisation. 

Insects are a valuable bio-based resource. Insects such as mealworms, grasshoppers, the black soldier fly or others can be used as food and feed in their entirety or can also be used for non-food applications by extracting the valuable ingredients. The conference brings together stakeholders from science, business and other sectors.

Topics cover:

  1. Insect Farming and Production Systems
  2. Insect Processing for Food and Feed
  3. Safety and Environmental Aspects
  4. Non-food Application of Insects
  5. Insect Health and Insect Welfare

The conference will take place in presence:

Date: Sept. 14-16, 2022
Place: University Gießen, Germany

The deadline for submitting abstracts has already passed. The registration is open until Sept 11, 2022.


More information: 

Contact at ATB:  Dr. Oliver Schlüter

Background:The INSECTA 2022 International Conference is jointly organized by PPM Magdeburg and ATB. INSECTA was launched in 2015 as a national symposium on the use of insects as food and feed. Since then, the event has established itself internationally and has made a name for itself specifically with topics on the use of insects in the non-food sector.

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