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Nov 09-10, 2023: Symposium "Restoring the fens and their economic potential"

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From November 9–10, 2023, the Brandenburg Academy "Schloss Criewen" will host the symposium "Recovery of fens and their economic opportunities". The conference responds to the required climate neutrality of Brandenburg by 20245. Thus, the focus is on the restoration of 187,903 ha of drained fen sites to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable land use practices. A variety of technical solutions will be presented at the conference for the utilization of fen products.


Date: Nov. 09.-10., 2023
Start: 11:15 a. m. on 11/09
End: 02:00 p.m. on 11/10 (approximately)
Venue:  Brandenburg Akademy "Schloss Criewen"

Key topics:

  • The importance of fens and their conservation or restoration
  • Technical solutions for the restoration and recycling of fen products
  • Economic opportunities, certificates and how to reach politicians
  • Energetic utilisation of fen products
  • Bioeconomy in the moor



The conference encourages an exchange of knowledge between land owners, land users, raw material processing companies, scientific institutions, public authorities, and all those interested in the topic.
Innovative solutions to restore fens and mitigate greenhouse gases will be presented.
Collaboration between research, politics, agriculture, and the economy for more sustainable land use in the future will be fostered.


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Researcher from ATB, who will present at the Symposium:

  • Dr. Thomas HeinrichGO-GRASS:Valorisation of grasslands through innovative technologies and value chains
  • Dr. Ralf PecenkaProduction of fibrous materials from fen biomass and their use in the fields of paper, cardboard packaging and pulp moulding
  • PD Dr. habil. Philipp GrundmannGrassland Valorization Technologies, Value Chains and Business Models – Four Demonstration Cases in Europe


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