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Jan 20, 2023: GFFA-Panel - Data and Digital as Enabler for Circular Agri-Food Systems

Smartpone in front of a tractor

Data from the field (Schwab/ATB)

Data-driven and digital agriculture have great potential to transform food systems and impact the lives of billions of people. At a Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) panel organized by the World Bank Group, experts will discuss "Data and Digital as Enabler for Circular Agri-Food Systems" on January 20, 2023. Joining the panel is Prof. Cornelia Weltzien, Head of Department for Agromechatronics at ATB.

Digital technologies are dramatically changing the interactions between farmers, processing companies, consumers and public institutions. Digital platforms can create and foster new business models needed to transform agri-food systems around the world toward a circular economy. Digitization can enable circular agri-food systems by overcoming technical barriers and information asymmetries.

In the panel "Data and Digitization for Circular Agriculture and Food Systems" organized by the World Bank Group, experts will first provide the audience with an overview of current discourses and will be available for questions and suggestions in the second part.

GFFA panel: Data and Digital as Enabler for Circular Agri-Food Systems

date: Jan 20, 2023 von 9:30 - 11:00 a.m.
place: Berlin City Cube, Messedamm 26, 14055 Berlin, Rooms M4-M5

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Main topics of the event are:

  1. general circularity in agriculture and food systems as part of the larger bio-based economy,
  2. how data and digital technologies can enable circularity by creating new business models and enabling data-sharing and collaboration among actors in value-chains, and
  3. the role of the public sector to maximize societal benefits of a digital-enabled circular economy, while also mitigating potential risks of digital technologies.

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