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ATB contributions to the Long Night of Sciences in Berlin

10 May 2014, 5-10 p.m.: At the Long Night of Sciences in Berlin, ATB scientists together with research partners present current research work at the Beuth University and the Dahlem Campus of Humboldt University in Berlin.




Venue: Thaer-Institute of the Humboldt-University, Campus Dahlem 

How to deal with the resource water in the context of global change?
Agriculture is the main consumer of water worldwide. We show optimization potential for water use in, for example, viticulture, and demonstrate the effects of different diets on the land and water use in the State of Brandenburg. 
The causes of water scarcity are often lack of planning and technical problems. We are working on answers for pressing questions like how to meet the increasing dryness in summer and reduce the water consumption in viticulture. Io order to do this, we combine agricultural and hydrological approaches. A video that was created as part of the research project AgroHyd, shows the direct relation between diets of the population and water use. Demonstration, video: 5 - 10 p.m., ground floor
Contact: Prof. Dr. Annette Prochnow (Head of ATB Dept Technology Assessment and Substance Cycles and lecturer at HU Berlin), 
Dr. Katrin Drastig (ATB, Head of Agrohyd project)

LandPakT – Potentials and costs of greenhouse gas mitigation
How to avoid greenhouse gases from agriculture? By rewetting of organic sites? Optimizing agricultural soils as a carbon sink? Change of animal diets? Or by including agriculture in the emissions trading?
Answers to these complex questions are presented by the  Leibniz Graduate School "LandPaKT – Agricultural practices". Doctoral students are analyzing and modelling potentials and costs for greenhouse gas reduction on operational and procedural level in particularly promising agricultural areas. Results for all relevant subsystems can be brought together as a complex interactive system in order to develop concrete recommendations for practice that may lead to a reduction of GHG emissions.
Video, information: 5 - 10 p.m., ground floor
Contact: Prof. Dr. Annette Prochnow (Head of ATB Dept Technology Assessment and Substance Cycles and lecturer at HU Berlin), 
Dr. Katrin Drastig (ATB, Head of Agrohyd project) 

Venue: Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin, Greenhouse
Luxemburger Straße 10, 13353 Berlin
Here, the study course Horticultural Phytotechnology / Urban plants and open space management presents informations and innovations in the field of horticultural production.

Fruit sensors
Prof. Dr. Manuela Zude, ATB scientist and professor at the Beuth HS presents novel fruit sensors for precision horticulture. Precision fruit production means resource-saving and yet high-performant production of fresh fruit. That will not do? We use data on soil and current plant state requirements (eg for water) to treat adapted fruit trees according to the real demand - and avoid oversupply as well as loss of earnings.
Demonstration and information desk.


Moreover, several institutes of the Leibniz Association participate in Berlin and Potsdam under the motto "Leibniz-Night of Sciences". At the Leibniz headquarter as well as at four other sites in Berlin-Mitte a total of eight institutes are presenting. Seven institutes open their doors in Adlershof, Buch, Friedrichshagen as well as in Potsdam. 

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