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Dec 13, 2023: Technologies for sustainable livestock management, ATB Potsdam

How can technology help to make animal husbandry sustainable in Germany and Europe?

Technology can considerably contribute to improve livestock management in Germany and Europe. This goal cannot be achieved exclusively with technology, but also not without it. The results of discussions on the topic within the framework of the VDI Max Eyth Society resulted in a roadmap that was recently published:

VDI-Roadmap „Agriculture Technology 2030 - Strategic research agenda", Part 2: „Technologies for sustainable animal husbandry“ (in German only)
(, open access for VDI members)

Prof. Dr. Reiner Brunsch, is coathor of the roadmap.

Colloquium (in German): 

Time: Dec. 13, 2023, 10:00 a.m.

Site: CIRCLE@ATB, Z004

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Reiner Brunsch

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