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Photo: Michael Voit

The experimental estate of the Agricultural Sciences Berlin - 1927 to 1933

On 1st of April, the experimantal estate Bornim is outsourced from the Academy for Agricultural Sciences Berlin and transformed into the independent 'Prussian Experimental- and Research Institute for Agriculture'. The test facilities for engine and hub performance are transferred from Berlin-Dahlem to Bornim. Hence, all facilities for testing tractors are concentrated in Bornim.

For accomodating the employees of the experimental estate Bornim the construction of houses along Max-Eyth-Allee is started. The first development step comprises several two-family houses as well as a 'welfare-building'.

Dipl.-Ing. H. Meyer designs and constructs the tractor test facility including a special test course for agricultural tractors - the first in Germany.

1st of July, the estate Bornim is leased to the Academy for Agricultural Sciences Berlin. The Institute for business operations and work management takes responsibility for Bornim estate as an experimental site for work in agricultural. Director is Prof. Ludwig-Wilhelm Ries.

... before 1927