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Book a Scientist at ATB – Knowledge Exchange and Q&A Session

Book a scientist - Dr. Katrin Drastig (ATB)

The event "Book a Scientist," offered by the Leibniz Association, provides the opportunity for enthusiasts to engage with experts on specific topics and pose their questions.

On September 12, 2023, it was that time again. Pre-bookable, individual discussions took place online, each lasting 25 minutes.

This year, there were over 100 topic offerings in various fields:

  • Health, Aging & Nutrition
  • Literature, Culture & History
  • Media, Journalism & Internet
  • Human, Nature & Ecosystems
  • Politics, Society & Religion
  • Language, Education & Open Science
  • Environment, Mobility & Energy
  • Universe, Galaxies & Astrophysics
  • Economy, Work & Technology

At ATB, attendees had the opportunity to schedule appointments with three female scientists, each specializing in different areas of agricultural and bioeconomic research.

One such opportunity was to engage with Dr. Katrin Drastig on the subjet of Verbesserung Enhancing water productivity in agricultural businesses“, exploring methods used at ATB to influence water productivity.

Dr. Drastig provided insights into methods for assessing water usage in agriculture and how it can be enhanced. The efficiency and productivity of water usage depend on regional, farm-specific, and water-related parameters. ATB is developing methods for modeling and calculating these parameters, thereby creating frameworks for evaluating water productivity.

To enhance water productivity, Dr. Katrin Drastig engaged in discussions with two interested parties. Conversations focused on the methodology and parameters to be measured, as well as how these parameters can be indirectly or directly influenced by farmers within such a model.

We are pleased that the offerings were once again widely utilized by enthusiasts this year and extend our gratitude to our female scientists for their participation in "Book a Scientist" on September 12, 2023.

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