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Sensors.Models.Harvesters. Research for resource efficient crop production

27 May 2014, ATB: 
Colloquium „Sensors.Models.Harvesters. Research for resource efficient crop production“ 

The colloquium at the ATB is held in honor of Dr.-Ing. Detlef Ehlert who, after forty years of active research in the field of agricultural technology and many years as Head of ATB's Department Engineering for Crop Production will retire at the end of May 2014 from his active professional life. 

Current scientific approaches and research results contributing to the implementation of a more precise and more resource-efficient agriculture will be presented. 
The focus of the oral contributions is on topics that are or have been worked on at the ATB in cooperation with partners from research and industry. 
Content spans the range from sensor-based methods for precision farming to new harvesting technologies for specialty crops. 

For more information please send an email to Franziska Gleiniger