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May 28-30, 2018: Workshop 'Protein production - criteria for optimization', FBN Dummerstorf

The workshop is held in the frame of the project 'Protein Paradoxes' of the Leibniz-Research Alliance 'Sustainable Food Production and Healthy Nutrition' (LRA FN). It is organized by Leibniz Institute for Farm Animal Biology (FBN) Dummerstorf.

Food and feed production in times of climate change will be one of the biggest challenges of the coming decades. At the same time, proteins are raising conflicting paradoxes. Although farm animals have huge impact on CO2 emission, only cattle are able to convert grass, useless for human nutrition, into rich protein.

The workshop 'Protein production - criteria for optimization' addresses PostDocs and young scientists from all participating institutes and associated partners of the LRA FN.

Within this workshop, the opportunity is given to discuss limits and chances of selected 'What if' scenarios in a creative scope. What if ... 
• ... no irrigation is allowed/possible in agricultural production (ecological fundamentals)
• ... self-supply is required in a micro-cosmos (medium-sized city) with aging citizens (spatial-demographic fundamentals)
• ... only organic farming is used for agricultural production within the EU (modular fundamentals)

The project 'Protein paradoxes: Protein supply under the conditions of climate change - production, consumption and human health' of the Leibniz Research Alliance 'Food and Nutrition' (LRA-FN) provides PostDocs and young scientists the skills to face the social challenges of sustainable protein production, protein consumption and health in transdisciplinary networks.

More information (PDF).

For application and further information please contact Dr. Daniela Ohde(FBN)

Contact LRA FN:Dr. Vera Tekken