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Photo: ATB

Cuban partners visiting ATB

UNISS rector Prof. Manuel Guillermo Valle Fasco (left) and ATB director Prof. Reiner Brunsch (Photo: von Haselberg/ATB)

08th April 2013: The Rector of the University of Sancti Spiritus Jose Marti Perez (UNISS), Prof. Dr. C. Lic. Manuel Guillermo Valle Fasco, and Prof. Tit. Dr. C. Ing. Osvaldo Romero Romero visited the ATB. Currently, the ATB is cooperating with the UNISS in the field of material and energetic use (biogas) from biomass. In addition to promoting young researchers and mutual scientific exchange, the joint organisation of scientific events as a platform for knowledge transfer add to the core elements of successful cooperation.

With today's signing of a new agreement between ATB and UNISS cooperation will be continued and extended in particular to the field of plant fiber utilization.