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Dr. Qianying Yi


Department: Sensors and Modelling

Telefon: +49 331 5699-523
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Program areas

Research areas

  • Design, control and optimisation of natural ventilation system in livestock buildings;
  • Measurements and modelling of indoor climate and emission dispersion;
  • Determination of ventilation rate of naturally ventilated livestock buildings;
  • Measurements, modeling and mitigation of ammonia and GHG emissions from livestock buildings;
  • Animal nutrition, feeding models, and process-based manure production modelling;
  • Computational fluid dynamics simulation;
  • Boundary layer wind tunnel experiment.



Veröffentlichungen vor ATB-Zugehörigkeit

  • Yi, Q., Wang, X., Zhang, G., Li, H., Janke, D., Amon, T., 2019. Assessing effects of wind speed and wind direction on discharge coefficient of sidewall opening in a dairy building model - A numerical study. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 162, 235-245.
  • Yi, Q., Li, H., Wang, X., Zong, C., Zhang, G., 2019. Numerical investigation on the effects of building configuration on discharge coefficient for a cross-ventilated dairy building model. Biosystems Engineering, 182, 107-122.
  • Yi, Q., König, M., Janke, D., Hempel, S., Zhang, G., Amon, B., Amon, T., 2018. Wind tunnel investigations of sidewall opening effects on indoor airflows of a cross-ventilated dairy building. Energy and Buildings, 175, 163-172.
  • Yi, Q., Zhang, G., König, M., Janke, D., Hempel, S., Amon, T., 2018. Investigation of discharge coefficient for wind-driven naturally ventilated dairy barns. Energy and Buildings, 165, 132-140.
  • Yi, Q., Zhou, L., Shao, X., etc., 2014. Discovery of novel NAMPT inhibitors based on pharmacophore modeling and virtual screening techniques. Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening, 17(10), 868-878.
  • Yi, Q., Zhang, G., König, M., Janke, D., Hempel, S., Amon, B., Amon, T., 2018. Effect of sidewall openings on flow pattern and gas emissions of a naturally ventilated dairy barn – A wind tunnel study. in: Proceedings of EurAgEng 2018 conference, Wageningen, the Netherlands, ID 298. 
  • Yi, Q., Zhang, G., König, M., Janke, D., Amon, T., Hempel, S., 2017. Determining discharge coefficient of large openings of wind-driven cross ventilation barns by wind tunnel tests. in: 2017 ASABE Annual International Meeting, ASABE, Spokane, America, Manuscript No. 1700779.
  • Shao, X., Yi, Q., Yang, C. 2016. Discovery of novel EphB4 inhibitors based on pharmacophore modeling and virtual screening techniques. Journal of China Pharmaceutical University, 47(1), 38-47.
  • Liu, T., He, L., Zhou, L.,Yi, Q., etc., 2014. Identification of novel bacterial RNA polymerase “Switch Region” inhibitors using pharmacophore model based on multi-template and similarity research. Medical Chemistry Research, 23(8), 3793-3802.
  • Shi, H., Zhou, L., Bao, G.,Yi, Q., etc., 2014. Identification of potential MEK1 inhibitors by pharmacophore-based virtual screening and MD simulations. Letters in Drug Design & Discovery, 2014, 11(7), 894-907.

Curriculum Vitae

July 2019 until now
Postdoc scientist
Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB), Germany
December 2018 - June 2019
Research assistant
Aarhus University, Denmark
October 2015 - December 2018
PhD in Engineering
Aarhus University, Denmark
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Guoqiang Zhang
September 2012 - June 2015
Master in Pharmaceutical Engineering
Sichuan University, China
September 2008 - July 2012
Bachelor in Biological Engineering
Shandong University of Science and Technology, China


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