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Das Leibniz-Institut für Agrartechnik Potsdam-Bornim e.V. - 2004 bis 2016

On July 1, ATB takes over a 26-hectare site in Marquardt, located north-west of Potsdam, as research site. The area opens up new possibilities for ATB research regarding long-term research questions and field studies.
New construction project started by signing the contract between ATB and agn Niederberghaus & Partner GmbH commissioned with the general planning. The building will not only house laboratories and offices but also a communication center for knowledge transfer. The funding is provided by the Federal Government and the State of Brandenburg through the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg (MWFK).
Since October 2015 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Cornelia Weltzien, is head of ATB's department Engineering for Crop Production, jointly appointed at Technical University Berlin in "Agromechatronics sensor based process control in agriculture".

Sabine Kunst, minister for science of the Federal State of Brandenburg, and Tillmann Stenger, ILB Chief Executive Officer jointly open the new research laboratories and facilities for the quality and safety of food and feed

Since August, Prof. Dr. habil. Thomas Amon is appointed head of ATB's Dept. Engineering for Livestock Management and Professor for "Livestock-environment interactions" at the Veterinary Medicine Faculty, Free University of Berlin. It is the first joint appointment of ATB and Free University of Berlin.
Together with IGZ and ZALF the ATB celebrates its 20-year founding anniversary at the Hans Otto Theater in Potsdam.
Opening of the new boundary layer wind tunnel at the ATB, one of the largest facilities of its kind in the field of agricultural research. The system allows to systematically analyze the complex aerodynamic processes in the near-surface layers of the atmosphere.

First jointly appointed professorship by Humboldt University in Berlin and the ATB: Prof. Dr. habil. Annette Prochnow, Head of ATB's Department Technology Assessment and Substance Cycles accepts the S Chair for "Utilization strategies for bioresources" at the HU Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture.
ATB is a founding member of the Foundation "pearls • Potsdam Research Network".
For continuous drying of grain and other bulk materials an innovative mixed-flow dryer geometries is designed on basis of mathematical simulations of particle and air flows (EP 2453192 A2). The advanced dryer design reveals homogeneous drying results and reduces energy consumption up to 30 %.

Research at ATB is strategically focused in four research programs. As a result of an election process by the ATB collegium,  program coordinators are put into function at the beginning of 2011 for a three year period.

New ATB developments: Magnetic glass particles for biomass retention in fermentation and separation processes increase the efficiencies of e.g. biogas production (DE 102010034083). 
A novel harvesting machine for picking flowering plants increases process efficiency and allows to harvest the sensitive goods in high quality. Method and device for picking flowering plants are patented (EP 2422610 A1).
For harvesting short rotation coppices ATB develops a novel mowing-cutting device, that cuts and chops the stems to the appropriate particle size. The mowing-cutting device for harvesting large plants (DE 102010043317 A1, EP 11187723) is patented and launched on the market by an industrial partner.
A method for producing fibres and products thereof as a stabilizing additive to stone mastic asphalt is developed (EP 2457714). Raw materials are natural fibres plants or fibrous waste material such as paper or digestate from biogas.

The research group APECS (anaerobic conversion of biomass into high-quality fuels and carbon sinks) is established. APECS is directly subordinated to the Board, and thus an equal division. 
Biochar as a soil improver establishes as a new research topic at ATB. In this context new developments apply for patenting, such as a combined method for generating biogas and biochar and refining the biochar (EP 2464614 A2), and a method and device for the manufacture of coal particles enriched with minerals (EP 2284141 A1). 
With the new device for continuous measuring and recording the vacuum at the teat cups the quarter individual milking technology is becoming even more animal-friendly (DE 20 2009 017 723).

Effective from january 2008 Prof. Dr. habil. Reiner Brunsch is appointed Scientific Director of the ATB. 
For fibre processing an axial fractioner for the precise separation of shives and short fibers of a fiber flock is developed (DE102008033789A1, EP 2145988A2).

Based on 2006's evaluation by external experts the senate of Leibniz Association recommends continuation of institutional funding for another seven years. 
In order to underline its membership within the Leibniz Association, the institute is renamed to Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim e.V.
In march, another innovative project is put into operation: the pilot plant for processing wet conserved natural fibres.
A novel sensor and method for determining the oxygen supply in the root are developed (published: DE 102007010879, WO 2008107160 A1) as well as a method and assembly for recording plant resources on agricultural machines by means of laser distance sensors, among others, apply for patents (EP 2057875 A1). 

After a construction period of twelve months the start-up of the pilot plant for producing lactic acid from starchy agricultural biomass is celebrated. 
A novel biogas technology, the so called Upstream Solid State Reactor, a process and device for continuous liquefaction of organic solids applies for patenting (published: DE102006008026A1, EP1986963A2, US20090305377, WO2007093138A3).
For precision crop production the Crop Meter is developed and patented, a mechanical sensor system with an actuator`s height maintaining device (DE200610008331). The crop meter enables to assess plant parameters such es crop density. 

New developments, among others, are a device and method for phase synchronization with the aid of a microcontroller (DE102005018950, EP05811174, WO2006058853 A1) and a novel device for measuring evaporation to characterize the environmental conditions of fresh market products , e.g. for controlling of transport and storage conditions of fruit and vegetables (DE 102005051566).

With beginning of the year, research at the ATB is organised in a new structure. 
In December 2004, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Zaske, the long-year Scientific Director retires.
Prof. Dr. habil. Reiner Brunsch is assigned with duties and responsibilities. 
Development of a method for processing natural fibre plants that enables to harvest, preserve and process the freshly chopped plants (DE 10346365 B4, EP 1668175 B1, WO2005033380A1).

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