Areas of competence

Photo: Manuel Gutjahr

AgroHyd Farmmodel

The further development of the AgroHyd Farmmodel for modelling and optimising water demand in agriculture is a central concern in the field of water productivity in agriculture.

A modeling platform serves as the environment. This is a model-driven server for multi-dimensional data, with which geodata can be processed. This platform fulfils two main tasks: On the one hand, research data management allows the import, conversion, correction and aggregation of data sets. On the other hand, model runs are started, results are stored and maps and tables are generated.

The "AgroHyd Farmmodel" modelling system is being continuously expanded.

The AgroHyd Farmmodels web service reproduces the natural and technical water flows and processes on a farm and links them to agricultural farm data. Agricultural scientific and hydrological expertise has been combined for this purpose. The linked processes are considered within defined limits, e.g. "von der Wiege zum Tor". The web service is used by the students in the course "Wassermanagement in der Landwirtschaft" of the Humboldt University of Berlin to calculate the water demand in agricultural operating systems. Also, water relevant indicators are calculated by the students.