Areas of competence

Photo: Manuel Gutjahr

WG Sustainability and substance circularity

We see agriculture as an essential component of comprehensive one-health concepts. According to the motto "Health needs agriculture", holistic approaches are needed for ecologically, economically and socially sustainable land management. These approaches must be regionally specific and flexible. A basic prerequisite is the efficient use of nutrients with the lowest possible losses.

The interdisciplinary working group uses and develops innovative technologies and integrative models. In this way, management measures for efficient nutrient recycling and improved human, animal and environmental health can be developed.

Our research results focus on animal husbandry and integrate it into crop production and food and nutrient recycling. Regionally adapted concepts are developed in cooperation with European and international consortia.

An intensive dialogue with stakeholders, farmers, companies, consumers and political decision-makers accompanies the research work. Results are continuously communicated, particularly through active participation in international bodies such as the UN, IPCC or FAO.

Group leader

Prof. UZ Dr. Amon, Barbara

Scientist; Executive Board Representative for Research

Department: Dep. Technology Assessment


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