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WG Biogenic resources

The overriding goal of our research work in the field of "Biogenic Resources" is to develop the use of biomass for material and energy purposes in a sustainable and cycle-oriented manner. This means designing biogas production with the highest possible efficiency and combining it with other production systems.

For the diverse individual biomasses from upstream (production) processes, basic knowledge of their suitability is gained through systematic characterisation of digestibility and biogas quality.  For the respective material flows, possibilities for storage and/or treatment to improve fermentability are specifically determined and potential risks are analysed. The current focus is on the development of biogenic residues and waste materials, the use of alternative biomass types, coupled and cascade utilisation and innovative cultivation systems.

Our evaluation of special biomass types and supply processes provides modules for the modelling and evaluation of bioeconomic production systems.

group leader

Dr. rer. hort. Heiermann, Monika

Research Scientist; Head of the Working Group 'Biogenic Resources'

Department: Technology Assessment


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